Found by one of our members during a Club outing!
Great Nugget Shooting By Martian. Free Range, 1/4 ounce of Gold!
"Metal detected by a PCSC member in Sierra County."
Our very Martian's results of open Range nugget Shooting on Open BLM Land
President Obama's New National Monuments are not affecting our current claim areas.


  • 15 May 2019 6:45 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    From Randy Huffine, I have a Keene 3" High Banker/Dredge combo with a 6.5hp Honda engine powering the water pump, all hoses, etc. in excellent condition for $1325.00 cash only and pick up only, no delivery.  cell 626-216-9123 or email


    Randy Huffine

  • 08 May 2019 9:53 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    SUNDAY MAY 19 NOON COOLGARDIE CA. The High Desert Gold Diggers will be providing chili cheese dogs and chips. Bring your own drinks. (Pot luck dish if you want) HDGD will also be opening up our Coolgardie claims to all who would like to join us for our annual picnic at the shack north of our Red Dog claim GPS 35.100685---117.25650

    Any questions contact Shane Brower HDGD President

  • 16 Apr 2019 1:55 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    From Lucky Joe:

    Back at the March club meeting I mentioned I would be going out to investigate a mining claim which is to be the site of our April 26-27-28 Outing Dates. This claim belongs to two of our members, Steve Scukanec and Phil Zasadny. (Do not hurt yourself trying to pronounce their last names... we'll just stick with Steve and Phil.)            So the day after the meeting, my dad and I headed out to check out the claim. After a big-rig-on-fire delay on the 15 Fwy, we met up with new club member, Craig Tanner, at Denny's in Barstow.

              Now just so you know, there are 3 Denny's in Barstow with 2 of them being within blocks of each other. Not knowing this, I didn't make it very clear as to which one to meet at but Craig figured it out before we finished breakfast. From there, Steve, Phil and Bill Samarin met us to guide us out to the claim.           The drive in was less than 40 minutes with half of that on paved roads. I didn't see much to give even a 2-wheel drive much trouble. Maybe a soft spot here and there could get you stuck but at least if you have good shoes the walk back to town isn't too far. There are washboards aplenty but none of the cursed, red, roadclosure stakes are anywhere to be seen.

              The claim itself was the site of some heavy old-timer workings so they must have found something worth their while to dig. And the drywasher sampling that Bill, Steve and Phil did bear this out: In a very limited amount of time, the cleanouts showed much promise with several flecks of bright yellow gold. A couple of the pieces were even big enough for my detector to pick up.

              The ground was definitely moist and the dirt had to be dried on top of tarps before processing. Alternatively, one could forego the tarp and just run the material twice if waiting around watching dirt dry does not sound appealing.

              As far as metal detecting for nuggets goes, God bless you if you try because you will definitely add to your lead and foil collection. Those old-timers really liked their guns and tobacco. All in all, I think we will have a successful outing and I plan on bringing my drywasher.

              I think if we had a few drywashers going and team up a few people on each one, we should see some good results. Be sure to bring a dish for the Saturday night potluck (and I don't mean one to eat off of). I'll smoke some tri-tip to complete the culinary experience. There will be plenty of parking for RV, trailer, or anything else.

              Don't forget, Martin has some gold that he is just itching to give away and he's designed some schemes set for Saturday by which you can earn it. I believe a nugget hunt is to be one of them. We won't have a port-a-potty so you will have to plan accordingly. And for those that don't sleep in the desert, there are plenty of Barstow motels to choose from. If I have forgotten to mention anything that you may have questions about, you can call me at 562-999-2428.

              One final reminder that our June Boy Scout event at Camp Williams is to be held on June 22nd. The more that can show up to help teach the Scouts to pan for gold, the smoother things will run.

              That's all for now so mark your calendars and I for one am looking forward to getting back out and getting my share of the yellow!

    Editor’s Notes:

    (1)            The above map describes a completely new way to access the Coolgardie area north of Barstow.  Begin by exiting Highway 58 at Hinkley Road, then note your odometer and follow the above indicated turns, noting your odometer anew at each turn until you reach the claim site.

    (2)            Joe Chmiel has worked out a dual outing with the Hi-Desert Gold Diggers.  Thus, this is an opportunity to form teams made up of members from each club to better get to know each other and maybe learn some new tricks.

    Nugget Prizes For Outing Extras!!

              Your editor has volunteered to gin up some fun games of skill during our upcoming desert outing as described by PCSC President, Joe Chmiel (above). 

    Here are some extra details:

              1.  On Saturday afternoon around 2:00 or 3:00pm (precise time to be announced at the outing) there will be a FREE nugget hunt.  The hunt will consist of pre-planted glass vials containing small nuggets.  VLF metal detectors ONLY.  All nuggets will be at depths capable of detection by virtually any VLF type gold nugget specialty machine. The search field may be shortened to speed the finish.     2.  There MAY be (time and attendance permitting) an additional nugget hunt following completion of the above referenced free hunt.  A special prize nugget will be buried inside a larger sized vial to accommodate its girth.  This hunt will be open to any PCSC or HDGD nugget shooters.  As long as at least 10 hunters sign up, then a donation of $10 apiece will be earmarked to support PCSC’s Scholarship Fund.  If fewer than 10, but at least 7, hunters sign up, then a donation of $15 apiece will be collected.  VLF detectors ONLY.  Size of search field may be shortened from time to time to expedite hunt.  Sudden death finish.

    3.               Weather permitting (safe wind velocity) a Saturday evening campfire will take place (please bring some firewood to donate to the fire).  Set up your chairs upwind of the campfire allowing some distance for performances.  Small nugget prizes will be awarded as follows: The audience will determine by majority vote the winner(s) of the best entertainment performances (a story, a poem, a musical rendition, etc.).  The names of all who constitute the audience from beginning to end will be placed in a hat for a drawing of the winner(s).

    4.               On Sunday two coin toss events will take place at a specific time to be announced (probably later in the morning before the camp begins breaking up).  These will be games of skill open to all who bring their own coins (at least ten each of dimes and/or quarters).  The prizes will consist of small gold nuggets inside glass vials PLUS all of the dimes or quarters utilized in the pertinent coin toss.     5.  On Saturday a bonus prize MAY be included (depending on extent of participation/consensus of those present).  Concept: 4-person teams composed of a mix of PCSC and HDGD members will set up different team dry washing spots.  Whichever team produces the most gold will receive a multi-nugget prize sufficient to divide equally amongst its members.

  • 11 Apr 2019 11:24 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    My name is Scott Warner and I would like to invite all members of the PCSC to the Adventurers club of Los Angeles on may 2nd to see my presentation on prospecting the USA. This was a 4 month trip, 15000 miles, 37 states and prospecting at 30 great localities for Gems, Minerals , fossils, Crystals and dinosaurs.

    I belong to many clubs, including the Adventurers club and would like to extend an invitation to the members of PCSC.

    Adventurers Club of Los Angeles

    Scott Warner

    Presents: Prospecting The USA

    May 2nd 2019


    Scott Warner (#1184) has been mining for Gold in in the Mother Lode for over 35 years. His original passion was dredging for Gold in the rivers of California, which led to his interest in hunting Gems, Minerals and Fossils across the Midwest. His travels across the western United States caused him to develop a deep appreciation of the Geology, History and beauty of our country. While working on the Merced River, he began exploring Yosemite, which developed into a love of our National Parks. His travels thru Yellowstone sparked an interest in exploring thermals of the west and wherever he prospects, he takes the time to explore the country for thermals, Indian petroglyphs and natural geologic formations. In 2010, he got his diving certification and began an adventure in diving with sharks, Shipwrecks, hunting for Spanish treasure and exploring the limestone cave systems of the Yucatan. His love of photography has allowed him to share his experiences with those around him.

    Prospecting the USA

    Take a trip across the USA with Scott Warner and see the beauty of America and learn about the best places in the USA to hunt for Gems, minerals, Fossils and Gold. View a 4-month journey with Scott Warner and friends across America that began with a raft trip down the Grand Canyon in May and ended at Burning Man in September. A trip that covered 37 States, 15000 miles and hunting over 30 different Mining and Fossil locations in the USA.

    Scott will be giving a presentation at the Adventurers club on a Bucket list trip he had been planning for over 15 Years. It was a journey across the USA to Prospect the best places to find gems, minerals and fossils and see the beauty and diversity of America. See and experience the Blue Fluorite of Arizona and New Mexico, then travel to Arkansas to hunt crystals and diamonds. Continue to Florida to dive with the Manatees and then hunt for Megalodon Teeth and Fossils in the Rivers and caverns of Florida and S. Carolina. Hunt the many amazing gemstones of N. Carolina and all the eastern localities for Fossils, gemstones and Florescent minerals in New Jersey, New York and Maine. Then travel west to hunt fossils, gemstones and dinosaurs in Iowa, S. Dakota and Montana. Finish the trip hunting for Sapphires, Crystals, Topaz and fossils in the western states of Montana, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and Nevada. Learn about the snowbirds and people he met along the way and see all the Geologic beauty in our great country, Including National Parks, Monuments, State Parks, Caves, waterfalls and the many other natural wonders of our country.

    Scott will discuss the different types of mining and the various opportunities available to anyone who wants to Hunt gems, minerals, Fossils or Gold across the USA. Scott will be discussing the diversity of America and all the fantastic photo opportunities awaiting anyone who travels thru the USA. As a collector and dealer of American gems, Minerals and fossils, he will be sharing some of his prized specimens for the audience to view, hold and enjoy. His love of photography will allow you to share in his latest trip and enjoy the scenic beauty of America.

    Learn about the many opportunities that await any individual who wants to explore America. Scott will be donating many specimens found across the USA and hold a raffle at the end of his presentation. You will be able to purchase tickets and possibly win your very own piece of American Treasure.



    2433 North Broadway L.A. (corner of Daly and Broadway)

    Club opens at 6, Dinner served at 7, Presentation 8-10

    Dinner price is 25.00

    Call for reservations 323-223-3948, or use pay pal on ACLAWebsite

  • 14 Mar 2019 9:51 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Hello Everyone, Our next upcoming prospectors coin hunt will be on March 23 in the city of Downey at Furman Park starting at 10AM. Make sure you bring your Club ID and have some fun :)

    Furman Park 10419 Rives Ave Downey, CA 90241

  • 14 Mar 2019 9:41 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Claim Owner: Most recently Placer Pete is up to a new adventure. This time Steve’s interests have taken him to the Mojave Desert in the vicinity north of Barstow known generically as Coolgardie. That is only a 15 minute drive from PCSC’s Desert Queen Bee. The high desert may lack a waterway like the East Fork, but it certainly does not lack in golden goody adventures. Steve discussed with PCSC President, Joe Chmiel, an invitation for PCSC members to enjoy a weekend at his claim! The tentative dates are April 26-27-28. Learn more about this opportunity at the upcoming PCSC meeting on March 15th. Also monitor PCSC’s website for news updates as details are worked out. See also Joe Chmiel’s Prez Sez article beginning at p.7 of this Treasure News issue.  More information about Placer Pete currently in March's Treasure news.

  • 25 Feb 2019 8:04 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Hello Everyone, 

     Our next Upcoming prospectors coin hunt will be on March 23,  in the city of Downey at Furman Park at 10AM.

    Furman Park 

    10419 Rives Ave

    Downey, CA 90241

  • 11 Feb 2019 6:10 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    From: Brian Baker <>  

    Can you help us out and post these items on your site for sale that would be great. I’m trying to sell them for our neighbor lady who inherited them from her father.

    Fair offers accepted  Brian Baker <>

  • 04 Dec 2018 8:44 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    (From Frank dean)

    Hello PCSC Members. 

    Our own George Johnson and his dog Sam are being awarded $25,000 to benefit OC German Shepard Rescue. George and Sam are also in a national contest for an additional $25K award.  Voting takes place on a Petco website.  The event takes place this Wednesday Dec. 5, 1pm  at Petco 8580 Firestone Blvd. Downey, Ca. 90241. All are welcome.


    Thank You., 

    Frank Dean

  • 20 Oct 2018 11:15 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Martin Milas Wrote:
    I regretfully must report that Jim Pangle, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, good friend of PCSC, honorary member and former PCSC Program Speaker succumbed to an aggressive form of pancreatic cancer on Monday, October 15th.  Military burial services are scheduled for Monday, October 29th at 2:15 PM on the grounds of the Riverside National Cemetery, 22495 Van Buren Boulevard, Riverside, CA 92518.
    PCSC members are invited to join me in attendance at the ceremony in honor of the memory and life of our old friend.

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