Our Club's "Code of Ethics" was put together when the Club was first founded in April of 1966 and we are flattered to say that it has been copied by many clubs sharing our hobby.
Please help us to maintain a good image for all who enjoy our sport, lest local and national governments completely restrict our hobby!

The Prospector's Club of Southern California

1)  Leave the land and vegetation as it was.  Fill in all holes you make.
2)  Observe all existing laws, whether national, state or local.
3)  Don't destroy, damage or deface public or private property or what's left of Ghost Towns or deserted structures.
4)  Don't leave litter lying around after you leave.
5)  Respect the rights and property of others and observe posted areas.
6)  Always conduct yourself in a manner that is courteous and polite with consideration for others.

All of us Prospectors, and metal detectorists
may be judged by the example YOU set!

There are Two Ways to Join our Club

1. You can Download our Membership Application and Mail it in Here

2. You can Continue down below, fill out our online application and pay by Creditcard.

Note: All new Memberships, Single $90 And Family $100 Joining during the year covers membership until the end of Following year at which point a renewal fee will be, $50 for single memberships, and $60 for Family memberships are due by December 31st. Fees can change in the future.

For New Memberships joining on the Internet Today using a credit card see below.


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Meeting hall is located at 9813 Paramount Blvd. in the city of Downey, Calif. (Woman's Club of Downey)

Our Mailing Address is   P.C.S.C.    P.O. Box 4853, Downey, California, 90240 (Not to be used for Memberships or Renewals)

For Memberships and Renewals see Join Us link at top :)

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