Found by one of our members during a Club outing!
Great Nugget Shooting By Martian. Free Range, 1/4 ounce of Gold!
"Metal detected by a PCSC member in Sierra County."
Our very Martian's results of open Range nugget Shooting on Open BLM Land
President Obama's New National Monuments are not affecting our current claim areas.


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  • 31 Aug 2023 8:31 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    One of our long-time members George Johnson also known as "Chief" has passed away in the last day or so. Once more information is known I will update this post. Patrick S.

  • 18 Jun 2023 3:43 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    David Campbell (Administrator)

    Hello Everyone,

    The June 30th event has been reclassified as a Get Together.  The Taft Club has been invited. Being a classified as a Get Together offers more options to include our guests to participate in our events. PCSC Education Hunts as currently structured such that non members are only to participate once before becoming a member. And then, only as an invited guest of a current member. The event is not official sanctioned by PCSC.

    There has been much movement of overburden. Ken's presentation at the June meeting has created much interest in people getting to the Claims.  Most of the weather disturbance is located on the Taft Claims. Your membership in the Taft Club will be required in order to work their claims. I will be onsite to accept your application and payment of $40, which will cover you until the end of the calandar year.  

    I will be offering breakfast Sat/Sun, and Lunch on Sat. A donation of $6 for breakfast and $4 for lunch is requested. Please bring a dish for the potluck on Sat. A campfire will follow. A 10X20 canopy will be set to provide refuge from the sun.  Bring hats, sunscreen, water, etc. to protect from the sun.  Remember to Mojave Green Rattlesnake are gunning for you, so watch your step.

    An Education Skill Based Hunt will take place on Saturday with silver as prizes. This event will be open to anyone, but will be donation based.

    The road up to the parking lot is passable, but 4x4 is recommended. I will be there early in the week and will attempt to do some improvements.

    Call or email with question or for a map.

    David "Digndave" Campbell

  • 19 Mar 2023 11:09 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The rain total predicted is almost ¾ of an inch and the winds are high during the week (30 – 40 MPH plus) with higher gusts (50 mph). With these conditions I am afraid that the roads may be difficult, camping miserable at best, driving campers may be challenging if not dangerous and temperatures barely manageable. Some of the forecasts suggest a chance of rain on Friday, but honestly, I can’t believe the weatherman much since they didn’t predict well for this one. I am betting that the instant this message goes out the sun will come out and the weather will be perfect. So, with great regrets and most importantly with everyone’s safety in mind we are reluctantly postponing the March Madness outing to May 19-21. Campers hauling in big winds is not a good idea, tenting in high winds is problematic, road conditions may not be the best leading to the claim. I really hate doing this, believe me, this really stinks – we have been planning this since December and both Phil and I along with the GPAA and others are truly disappointed.

    The weather in May has to be better than this week’s weather and the ground will most certainly be drier so please save the date. If you have registered with us for this outing, we ask that you let us know if you can make these new dates with a simple email. No need to reregister.

    Again, so very sorry for this change in your schedule….Please understand we are doing this with the greatest reluctance and with yours and our safety in mind. I suppose the gold gods have sent us a message this time around.

    Really hope to see you all in May, for those who are coming in from way out of town – our deepest apologies.

    Placer Pete

  • 16 Mar 2023 10:21 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We are saddened to learn of the passing of Dean Chapman.

    He was a long time member of PCSC joining November 1967 going back to the early days when outings had thousands of people in attendance.

    He used to do very well in those coin hunting competitions using detectors of his own design.

    We understand there is a Memorial service to be held this Saturday, March 18th 10:30am. Ballroad Church of Christ, 1500 Ball Road, Anahhiem If you wish to attend, 

  • 15 Feb 2023 4:47 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    David Campbell (Administrator)

    Our Feburary Outing will be at the Pilgrim.  A breakfast Saturday/Sunday, and lunch on Saturday available on a donation basis. The skill based hunt with gold as prizes will be held at 3:30 pm Saturday, to be followed by the Potluck and the a camp fire. 

    Two wheel drive access to the camp ground is quite easy. Access to the claims require a bit more skill.  Come and learn the finer point of gold recovery from our knowledgeable members. 

    More info contact:

  • 28 Oct 2022 9:39 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Hello All,

    PCSC November outing is scheduled for the Friday 11th though Sunday the13th, Veterans Day weekend at the Pilgrim campground. As usual on a donation basis, Breakfast Saturday and Sunday 7 to 8 am. Lunch noon Saturday. Bring your favorite dish for the Potluck, which is at 6 pm Saturday. 

    The Hunt to be held at 1 pm Saturday. No pulse detectors allowed during the hunt.  The bylaws stipulate participants of the Hunt be current members. 

    Contact me for a map. Call me if you have trouble finding the Pilgrim.


  • 22 Jun 2022 7:12 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Hello all, we received this information request from an outside person and am passing it along:


    My name is Christopher Nelson and I am a professional photographer working on a personal project dedicated to portraits of individuals with their metal detectors out in the field. I have always been fascinated by the folks on the beach searching the sand for little treasures and decided I would like to capture their portraits in the field. 

    I have attached a recent project dedicated to individuals and their overindulgences during covid and I have attached a couple recent images of two treasure hunters here in Santa Monica who were kind enough to let me photograph them.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated in coordinating individuals who would be happy to help in my endeavour. Also I could come to your next meeting to present if that would be more convenient for you.

    Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

    Kind regards. 

    Christopher Nelson





  • 13 Apr 2022 4:36 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Hello All,

    April's Outing will be held on April 22nd. through 24th. This will be a chance to visit High Desert Gold Digger's Bull Frog and Hot Diggity claims.  Nuggets are being detected on Bull Frog. Drywashing of both claims is producing for those willing to do sampling first. So, bring water, pan, and your panning tub out to the claim.Your guests are welcome. They don't need to be a prospector. Anyone interested in the process are welcome.

    Breakfast of egges, sausage, pancakes, and coffee, will be offered Saturday and Sunday 7:00 am. Lunch of hot dogs, potato salad, chips, and coffee, on  Saturday 1:00 pm. Donations accepted to cover costs. Potluck Saturday 6:00 pm. with camp fire to following (a fire if  weather allows). Bring wood. Hunt is to be determined by the Board at Friday's meeting. 

    I expect weather to be in the 80's, but prepare by bringing plenty of hydration. Remember, electrolytes are part of being properly hydrated. A popup canopy for the diggers is recommended.

    Use the link to a map to find your way to the camping area. PLEASE NOTE:  The camping area is a quarter mile east of HWY 247 at the 63 mile marker.

    Access to camping area is easy.  For the claims, 4 wheel is recommended.  But, skillfull 2 wheelers can get access to claims. Caravan and rideshare from the camp site to the claims will be arranged. Cell coverage is spotty once leaving the camp.

    Call me with any questions or directions. Or if you have trouble accessing the link below for the map.

    Bull Frog Hotdiggity Loop.jpg



  • 07 Dec 2021 7:49 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    From Our Club President: I'll take the time now to announce our next prospecting outing: The January outing will be held on the weekend of the 14, 15 & 16th at the Blackjack Claim. Our staging area will be the 'general store'. Old man Schaffer closed the doors to this establishment in 1938, so don't expect to pick up any supplies, but it does make a nice flat camping spot. The foundation from the store is still intact and there is an old time arrastra nearby. It takes about an hour to get from 29 Palms to the claim, and maybe more. Due to the condition of the roads, 4-wheel drive is mandatory, especially with recent road conditions being unknown. Much of the land in this area is unclaimed, so there is plenty of opportunity to prospect off claim and discover a new patch (I know of two that were found this way in the last few years.) If you have never been there and would like to be guided in, Lucky Joe plans to leave the Circle K parking lot at the East end of 29 Palms at 8:00am on Saturday morning to go to the claim. If you are new to prospecting, there will be plenty of instruction and help available. I hope many of you can make it. If you have questions, please call Joe at 562-999-2428. 

  • 30 Sep 2021 11:13 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Lots of giveaways/

    American Mining Rights Association

    We are just a little over two weeks from our huge event in Barstow at Slash X, our Oktoberfest event. A huge metal detecting hunt, one of our largest raffles ever, dinner and we are even playing our movie from the previous AMRA dinner (a must see). The generous owner of the Screamer Mine has agreed to donate some more of the specimen pieces (jewelry grade) from his mine for us to also give away!

    We had a chat with Pat Keene yesterday and he donated literally a truckload of stuff for us to give away in the raffle. Thank you Keene Engineering!

    Roaring Camp has donated trips to their patented, private gold camp, both a week trip and day trips. Wow, thank you for the years of support Roaring Camp!

    Mine Lab will be there again with all the bells and whistles like two years ago. Thank you Debbie, we know you're going to rock this event like last time!

    AKAU is going to be there, and some day we plan on going to Alaska and staying with them.

    Route 66 is donating a huge nugget and is sponsoring the event, thank you very much for the support.

    And Proline Mining, who has provided prizes at every one of our events for over 8 years has stepped up yet again. Thanks Jeff.

    Sunday morning will start the walk 4 water rights where Jere and Shannon walk 325 miles from Barstow to Oakdale to unify the fight for water rights. We'd love everyone to cheer on this monumental walk when it begins.

    There is a link on the AMRA FB page under "events" to the Barstow event, we hope to see you there and once again, thank you to all the sponsors and those who've donated.

    See you there...........

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