Crime Scene Search Unit


The Prospector's Club of Southern Calif. "Crime Scene Search Unit" has
been helping law enforcement agencies for over 20 years. We have
preformed searches for the FBI, twenty-four police departments,and four
Sheriff's departments. We are an official volunteer unit of the Los
Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

We are not only the oldest prospecting Club in the United States, but also the oldest and largest "Volunteer Crime Scene Search Unit Team" in the U.S.

Our Crime Scene Search Unit consists of volunteers from our Club,who provide
their time,detectors,transportation,and equipment at no charge to the
Club or taxpayers. The unit is on call 24/7 for call-outs from various policing organizations.

Our search unit members have located numerous murder weapons,guns
knives,bullets and shell cases, drugs, cash, etc. which were vital evidence for the agencies
involved in these searches. These volunteer members have received a great many
awards and letters of thanks from various law enforcement agencies for
our Club.

The Crime Scene Search unit has regular training sessions for crime scene
simulations under the direction of Master Chief George Johnson . These sessions involve
recovery of weapons, shell cases and bullets, and simulated explosive
devices. These sessions are vital in keeping a unit sharp in evidence

It is our hope that more clubs throughout the United States(and the
world) will form these type of volunteer units in helping law enforcement
agencies protect our citizens in these most trying times. Please let Master Chief
Johnson know if your club would like to form a unit such as ours, or if you alone
volunteer your services to your local police departments. We will help you in
any way we can and give you advice, if needed.

If you need help, please contact Master Chief Johnson at the email link at the
bottom of this page.

Meeting hall is located at 9813 Paramount Blvd. in the city of Downey, Calif. (Woman's Club of Downey)

Our Mailing Address is   P.C.S.C.    P.O. Box 4853, Downey, California, 90240 (Not to be used for Memberships or Renewals)

For Memberships and Renewals see Join Us link at top :)

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