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Spot Price Of Au At All Time High

  • 07 Aug 2020 7:08 AM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    No doubt about it, the precious metals market is "On Fire" with gold holding above $2,000 per Troy Ounce for several days in a row and silver rising even faster than gold on a comparative basis.  The uncertainty of the economy obviously is the primary driver, but day to day fluctuations in the dollar also result in smaller fluctuations.  This is so because every time the dollar drops a bit in value, the prices of gold and silver jump higher.  But when the dollar recovers and rises in value there is a slump in spot prices. My opinion? It's gonna be a wild ride what with the government spending money in the TRILLIONS like a drunken sailor.  Inevitably a hangover headache will have to be dealt with by the prospect of raising taxes to pay off all the debt.  What is YOUR take??????

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