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  • 27 Apr 2018 8:11 PM
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    Posting this up for Bonnie Vanderbaan:

    I am on a mission to clear out my excess clutter (and get rid of a storage unit), and try to get rid of some bills at the same time.
    I have several sluices - I will send pics and information later (If you are interested) once I stop by storage. I have a small McKirk (sp?), a tri-fold sluice, and ???

    Classifiers (the type that sit on homer buckets) all different sizes. Have a homemade 'trommel' got the plans off the internet - made with pvc pipes and homer buckets. Picks, couple extra small shovels. Also small tent (single person), and sleeping bag.

    Can text me, or email me - and I will send you pics and info.
    Bonnie 424-200-0387

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