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  • 18 Jun 2023 3:10 PM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)
    The venue for the Get Together on June 30th. is set for Benson Canyon

    Hello Everyone,

    The June 30th event has been reclassified as a Get Together.  The Taft Club has been invited. Being a classified as a Get Together offers more options to include our guests to participate in our events. PCSC Education Hunts as currently structured such that non members are only to participate once before becoming a member. And then, only as an invited guest of a current member. The event is not official sanctioned by PCSC.

    There has been much movement of overburden. Ken's presentation at the June meeting has created much interest in people getting to the Claims.  Most of the weather disturbance is located on the Taft Claims. Your membership in the Taft Club will be required in order to work their claims. I will be onsite to accept your application and payment of $40, which will cover you until the end of the calandar year.  

    I will be offering breakfast Sat/Sun, and Lunch on Sat. A donation of $6 for breakfast and $4 for lunch is requested. Please bring a dish for the potluck on Sat. A campfire will follow. A 10X20 canopy will be set to provide refuge from the sun.  Bring hats, sunscreen, water, etc. to protect from the sun.  Remember to Mojave Green Rattlesnake are gunning for you, so watch your step.

    An Education Skill Based Hunt will take place on Saturday with silver as prizes. This event will be open to anyone, but will be donation based.

    The road up to the parking lot is passable, but 4x4 is recommended. I will be there early in the week and will attempt to do some improvements.

    Call or email with question or for a map.

    David "Digndave" Campbell

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Meeting hall is located at 9813 Paramount Blvd. in the city of Downey, Calif. (Woman's Club of Downey)

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