Open Range Nugget Shooting

  • 15 Jun 2016 4:49 PM
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    Tired of restricting your thrills to the same old club claims?  Can't afford expensive trips to Alaska?  If so, there is a lot of "Open Range" to explore out there.  After all, it is a big, BIG desert sand box to play in even as our federal overseers gobble up thousands of square miles yearly and withdraw it from mineral entry.  The Dale comes to mind as do areas near Barstow where not all that much of the land has been claimed or purchased.  It may not remain that way forever.  That is why I choose to spend a greater and greater percentage of my time on the hunt in open range for patches and pockets and reaping while I can.  Such near surface patches often are small, rapidly exhausted and not worth claiming.  But occasionally an overlooked elephant surfaces and routinely a lot of little ones are able to satisfy my nugget itch so well.

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