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Chuckwalla Opposition June 14th Meeting

  • 13 Jun 2024 1:11 PM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Public Comment Card for June 14th Meeting - FILL IT OUT AND EMAIL IT

    All, I have been sent, by a trusted acquaintance, the public comment card for Friday’s Public Comment meeting, June 14th, ahead of time, since so many members of the public will not be able to attend on such short notice.  Attached are a blank comment card and a prefilled card with a generic version of the BLM’s Desert Advisory Council (DAC) opposition letter, if you chose to use that. Fill in your name, etc, modify, add or whatever you want to do to it. Even those that are going can fill one out. You only have 2 minutes to speak but this card gives you unlimited space to write all your issues on this ill-conceived proposal.

    The most important thing is:

    All comments must be emailed to mvanderlinden@blm.gov before the end of the meeting at 12PM June 14th, 2024, in order to be included.  For those coming to the meeting, do these by Thursday night. For those that can’t make it, you have until noon on Friday ( not a minute later) to email this to the address here in this paragraph.

    The more copies of the DAC opposition letter and your own opinions that we can get on the record of this meeting, the more we dilute their efforts to speed this thing through before the election. 

    Please get this done! Now is likely the last time we have to really make a difference.

    Greg Herring

    Download all attachments as a zip file

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